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Platina said:

Again, I don't reall feel it's necessary to start a new post especially at the pace Nintendomination is moving. I still haven't switched from 10 posts per page and I can still read through all recent comments within 1-2 pages.

The best way is to ask if you can't find something, since posts over 2 weeks isn't really relavent in the thread anymore. If people won't bother to read through the last few pages of this thread, even if a thread as at rebooted and is at 500 or 1000, they still wouldn't bother through all of those

A lot of posts is a problem, but upon discussion, restarting the thread isn't a good way to fix this issue

Logging events that happen in this thread could be a way to go, where I can link the page number or comment which starts a discussion on how amazing the NES Mini is and if any other special event happens (like a table of contents or a glossary)


If you don't want to improve things, fine, but please don't try to imply having post-limits is worse than not having them.