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Platina said:

Restarting a thread is not really a good way to deal with the overflow in posts. It's true that by refreshing each time, you won't need to go through piles of messages to find the one you are looking for, but by creating a new thread each time is really messy.

If there is a thread of 14000 posts and you are looking for a news link, you wouldn't sift through the first 10000 posts anyways since it would be already dated anyways. If it's really on your mind, you could just ask and somebody should be able to help that person out. (but honestly, a quick google would work too..)

People tag the thread so when a new one is made, it is difficult to find since we may well be on the 3rd refresh if they are away for a month or 2. It takes time to settle down after a new thread is made (and yes, this is a new Nintendomination) so it would be really confusing and messy. If you read a great post and wanted to respond to that user, it's possible that the message is locked in the older thread, making it impossible to tag that person in the new one if they have yet to retag

I feel that if we do try a new thread, it would be a lot more difficult to redirect information from this thread (which would be locked) Having to shift gears just causes confusion, especially if there was a tournament nearing the 1000+ post mark

It doesn't hurt to re-post information, and I will definitely help out if somebody asks for information like what time the Splatoon Testfire is happening. Realistically, this thread definitely won't go on forever to the 100 000+ mark (as much as I would like that to happen) I've seen the Amazon thread which refreshes every month but also other threads like COMG which still works out well, even though the newest information is still buried within posts and not linked on the OP

I'll take this into consideration


Messy how? How is far less post per thread more messy than what we currently have? 

You wouldn't sift through 10,000+ post because ain't no one got the time for dat, but a post total that's only ever in the triple digits at most is quite skimmable and less intimidating to potential new posters.

This thread is always on the front page of Nintendo discussion, post-limit wouldn't change that, so it'd still be not at all difficult to find. Plus the last post of each thread will of course have a link to the new one. By settle down what do you mean, everyone just re-tagging before going back to regular discussion? I don't see what's confusing or messy about that. As for responding to locked threads, that's a non issue since you can A) wait till they post, B) respond to it anyway, they're likely to see it when they show up, and/or C) private message them.

What information? What gear shifting? What's with all these undefined terms! Really we just talk about whatever, that wouldn't change in the new thread. If we were discussing how awful Color Splash is as the post limit was reached, we can simply continue doing so in the next thread. A current tournament, (which again should have their own threads as that is what's actually messy, hosting them in a multi-topic megathread with a cluttered OP), can just be concluded first before the thread is locked. You're making it sound a lot more difficult and complicated than it actually is.

And you could help more by bettering the thread. Just because it works "well" does not mean it can't be improved.

What is there to consider? Doing something about a problem is better than doing nothing, that should be the end of it!