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Morgan Freeman said it best. Racism will not stop until we just stop talking about it. Until a Black man can look at a white man and vice versa and just see a man, it will never end. Everyone who is not white wants to play the victim (not literally everyone but you get it), and many whites want to pretend that racism is not a thing.

All races need to just shut up about the subject and see eachother as just men and women. No Black Pride, Asian Pride, Gay Pride, etc will ever get rid of racism. In fact, theh will only fuel it. This thread is a perfect example of that, just look at the title. The more you advertise it, the more people will talk about it. The more you talk about it the more racism will come out.

Everyone needs to just shut up and live as human beings. It really IS that simple. Unfortunately we are beings who over analyze every little thing to find SOMETHING to complain about. That in mind, racism will never end.

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