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Final-Fan said:
Slimebeast said:

I don't feel proud about being white, but I reject this notion of white privilege as long as you don't acknowledge black privilege, Arab privilege and Asian privilege and if you don't acknowledge the reasons to why white people in general have somewhat easier lives in the West than minorities do (the main reason being that whites, as a group, actually have earned their "privilege").

The problem in the west is not racism or white pride anymore. The problem is increasingly white guilt and self-hate and it will keep increasing until the white race is eradicated. Such is the power of socialism in our society.

I think it's a pretty big assumption that just because someone chooses to focus on white privilege (perhaps because whites are the privileged majority in the society they live in) that they are unwilling to acknowledge that other societies have nonwhite privileged majorities. 

I am not sure what you mean by any majority privilege being "earned".  It seems to me that it's just a fact of being the prestigious majority, and minority groups being seen as more out of place—given a spotlight to highlight their flaws, if you will, that would not necessarily be noticed if the same people with the same flaws were part of the majority group. 

Well, if you think white are privileged in America and that you as a black person were robbed from your mother land because of slavery and that black people have the privileges in Africa, why not go back to mother land?


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