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DonFerrari said:
SpokenTruth said:

I think I might know the case of the girl that was removed.  Rachel Dolezal and she was removed from her position because she achieved a position of power and authority through lies and deciet.  That's not the make up of a good leader.  She wasn't removed because she was white.  There are many white people that serve as leaders within the NAACP.  As for being accepted into the NAACP, you don't have to be black at all.  That's never been required.  Anybody can join.

I didn't say she was removed because she was white, I said that was because she pretended to be black (but when someone says he/she fells of another gender it must be accepted) but the guy that was white skinned was accepted as being black because he had one ancestor so don't twist it.

ArchangelMadzz said:

If SJW's claim that what happens to gay's and different races in other countries happen in the west then they are wrong. But If you notice SJW's aren't usually minorities. Minorities themselves just want equal rights and to be treated like everyone else. That's why pride parades are a thing. 

It doesn't matter that you're not being killed or hunted. If you're being systematically discriminated against on a daily basis you should be able to have a pride day. The fact that a study was done showing that if you have the exact same resume/CV but change the name from a typically white name to a typically black name you are FAR less likely to get any responses, and numerous examples like that shows why there is a need to want equality.

SJW's and several minorities leaders claim of systematic killing, persecution, etc that only really happens in other countries. There were several instances of crime commited against black, woman, gay, etc that were portrayed as because of color, gender or sexual orientation but were in fact only crimes against a person, but got coverage because someone wanted to pass the message.

And you basically are avoiding the point I made. That was very precise, the only reason they are able to protest is because the bigger issues doesn't exist anymore so now they are looking at minor things or in some cases fabricated ones.

SJW's aren't taken seriously by anyone, they claim stupid shit like Air conditioning being sexist. And have minority leaders done stupid shit? Yes, even not being a minority in some cases( Like a BLM leader lying about being black hahahaha) But your points have nothing to do with the conversation. Minorities as a whole or people who have pride because of something they've been demonised for. Like Sexuality, Race, Disabilities etc. Want to be treated equally, and for you to broadly claim they want special treatment is just plain incorrect.

You do realise that not being killed doesn't mean you don't have problems? And in some cases they are being killed.