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SpokenTruth said:
DonFerrari said:

I didn't say she was removed because she was white, I said that was because she pretended to be black (but when someone says he/she fells of another gender it must be accepted) but the guy that was white skinned was accepted as being black because he had one ancestor so don't twist it.

Don, she was booted because she lied to get where she was.  It's not about claiming a color or gender as a matter of personal choice, she calimed black to obtain a position of power.  It was deceitful and with intent to gain personal power and money.  A woman who presentes herself as a man simply because that's how she feels isn't the same thing.

As for the "white guy".  Again, anyone wmay join.  Can you link me to the guy in question?  It just perplexes me because heritage, white or black, is not part of the reguirements for joining the NAACP.  It's not even asked when you fill out the form.

I believe in you that it isn't a requirement. What I'm saying is that he claimed to be black and it was ok... it should be in that link from "veja" I sent you, but unfortunately only the printed version had his name (saw it like one year ago).

It was her personal choice, she married a black man, she felt black, she teached about black culture, etc... it may have lead her to a position of power, but it doesn't seem like it was the primary reason. But even so, that is one of the reasons I'm completely against reparations, quotas and things that are based on discrimination because not only it perpretates the discrimination as it is exploited by bad individuals.

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