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I always felt the concept of "white people" is silly to begin with. For instance, the majority of my ancestors were Irish who were busy being treated like shit on their island until they came to the US where they were again treated like shit, but there's people out there who'd suggest their descendants are somehow responsible for things like Mali/Kongo natives capturing their own and selling them to the Portuguese and Spanish for transport to the Americas. Meanwhile, they were likely subsisting on a few potatoes and had little to no understanding of who these lands and peoples even were.

When you really lay it out it becomes evident that placing blame on anyone today for the actions of individuals centuries ago is just preposterous. "White People" consists of Irish, English, French, Italians, Germans, Iberians (though they are often held in a separate "hispanic" group for some reason, despite being responsible for more destruction, cultural colonization and slavery than any other "white" people), Austrians, Scandinavians etc... It's not some monolith group that behaved uniformly and committed horrible acts that every other population hasn't also committed at some point or another.