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AbbathTheGrim said:

When they look in the mirror and recognize their race, what are the correct and acceptable feelings white people should feel towards their own race?

Do you believe white people cannot feel pride about their own race without that pride implying racism?

Is pride in your own race only ok when that pride comes from being a minority and being an oppressed race?

How do you think white people should feel about their own race?

Everyone has done bad things. The Japanese killed millions of Chinese, many African countries were involved in the slave trade, Middle East is(unfortunately) home to many terrorists... Just because people in the past did bad things, doesn't mean you can't appreciate who you are. Basically every group of people, whether it'd be by race, culture, sex, or religion, has done something negative in some shape or form.



Instead of just forcing shame and guilt into people, we should learn to forgive and live with the past behind us. there is no point in bringing up slaves in america. there is no point in discussing the crusaders. There is no point in mentioning Hitler, Stalin, or any other psychopath. None of that is in the present. Either we forgive and move on, or be petty and keep playing the victim card to shame others and boost our egos 



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