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Yes i agree in a perfect world we wouldn't have such things as black race or white races etc we would all just be under the human race, and it did look like for a little while that things where going in this direction..
However this is not a perfect world and we cant have nice things.
Instead we have groups like BLM bringing back race wars and trying to blame white people for things that happened 100's of years ago. We have Feminazis trying to blame white males for all their problems.
We have SJW who also want to blame White Males for their problems and have the white males in their groups believe they are to blame for what happened 100's of years ago O_O .

Now im not sorry for what my race or any other race done years ago since i had nothing to do with it, and i hoped we where living in different times now, where people realized black or white or whatever colour, back in the past bad things used to happen to us all. It's no ones place today to point blame on a group of people that wasnt even alive back then.
But Instead of this it now feels like the is a War being raged on the White male, its like someone high up wants back Race Wars and all the bad shit that comes along with them and we are falling for it.
The white male is told we are to blame for all the wrongs in the world past and present and how we should not have pride in being white, However if your black or gay or a Woman etc you can have pride then. Does no one really not see whats going on here?. We are all getting a Wedge put between us and being drove apart from each other. They dont want us standing together as "One" human race and instead would be more happy with us all fighting and arguing against each other.