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tak13 said:
bunchanumbers said:
Wii U standing tall! Love to see it.

Sadly Nintendo abandoned or killed it  ( to be more precise)  early, 2016 should be its last normal year not 2015, it deserved one more year of push and effort by Nintendo. 

Selling 3.2m in 2015 and forecasting  just 800k in the  next year, implies that you are killing your product.... 

Nintendo announced NX release date prematurely , they should have waited , many people won'te buying a wii u  in 2016 fearing of wasting money if NX after all has  BC... Wii u big  yoy sales drop,  is mostly because of NX anticipation! And game-wise, 2016 is a super-dry year!


I hope that it will reach 1m in Germany... I don't know, maybe there is still time to  manage it ( 250k in the rest of its life isn't a huge number, so it must be a feasible aim ) , the issue is if there are enough inventory to reach it, if you know what I mean! ;)

Did you ever think maybe they didn't want to manufacture anymore because it would be very costly for them?  So they had ~800k+ left and that was all they had to sell.  


With the Wii U having terrible software support again in 2016 did it really make sense to do that?  When they can just sell off what they had left and move on.