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iNathan said:
Ryng_Tolu said:

800k would be horrible for PS4 this holidays, and 1.2 million not bad but still meh in my opinion.

I think PS4 should be 1.7 million in November and December NPD.


In Germany holidays are not as big as in USA, in 2015 holidays sales for PS4 were just 41% of total YOY sales. I think PS4 will be flat at best this year, at least in Germany.

Seems like to dont understand much how markets work, console will drop price, Neo is coming out, VR will be hyped and Gran Turismo is coming, along with all the 3rd party games, Ps4 will be up by alot WW this holodays, Germany included. 

I'm not saying is impossible for PS4 be up YOY in Germany but honestly, that's seem hard right now.

460,000 by end of July, which is an avg. of 65k per months, but of course there are better months than others, like the first quarter is bigger than the second ecc.

If we use that 65k avg even for August and September (which seem high but let's use it), and maybe 100k in October because is the month of the Neo, that's still under 700k YOY. Now, last holidays was 570k, i can see it sells better, maybe 700k, wihch could be with the 700k of the rest of year about the same of last year.

Could happen, but i really can't see it be MUCH up YOY. It's gonna be close.


EDIT: Wait are you talking about only holidays sales? Then yes PS4 will be up surely.