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crissindahouse said:
baloofarsan said:

What has Hello Games delivered?

A planet sized area where you can fly and walk as you wish. This is something I have dreamt of since Pilotwings 64 and no one else has developed it.

A solar system where you seamlessly can go from one planet to the other. This is something I have dreamt of since I first heard of NMS (it was so outlandish that I had not imagined this was possible) and no one else has developed it.

No Man's Sky is the first game to change gameing radically since Minecraft (another indie game). 

These reasons alone make it worth more than $60 for me and many others. 

That's nice for you, still doesn't change that you see on every corner that it's made by only a small team and with a budget comparable to other games which cost only half as much. 

All I see is "bad" graphics, planets which look almost all very similar except for some colours, animals or life forms which look all like shit becaue there wasn't really designers involved to design them and gameplay which is average at best (and reduced to very simple mechanics (which flying on a planet shows very good))

I can still believe that many people will play hundreds of hours of it and that is nice for them. I have also invested a lot of time in some indie games but like with this game I don't see how they would be worth $60 even if I invested more time in them as in some $60 games. 

That's just how I think about my Steam indie games and about NMS which I would have bought if I would see how this is a $60 game but I just don't see it. 

But I guess it's like with the Iphone, some pay a lot for it (or for contracts including it) and some think it's not justified to pay what it costs considering the manufacturing costs and compared to other phones which cost less but include often more expensive tech. 

So what you saying is that some might see the value at $60 and some won't... like every other game then.

And no game should be judged to be worth less than $60 because it's an indie. 

What it comes down to is taste and it's sad that flocks of people, most have never had any intention to play it, try to tell people it's not worth it or it didn't meet the hype when it all subjective.