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I'm loving the game so far. Not played anything like this previously and every time I put it on I end up spending about 2-5 hours on it.

The exploration, discovering the history of the races, dog fights, Survival aspects, gathering resources, fighting off sentinels, crafting things and building your ship is awesome. Once they add base building, this game will be off the charts fun.

I've played elite dangerous and it is far less fun than this as it only offers a small aspect of what NMS offers.

I had my first fugitive pop up on the screen today and I ended up chasing the ship down and taking it out. Got a nice 100k unit reward for it too :)

Whoever said life to be like a box of chocolates clearly didn't know what he was talking about. 

Life is more like a game of bumper cars. At every turn there is a possibility you will get screwed.