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crissindahouse said:

One more time people reward a dev for releasing a hyped game which doesn't really offer much for that price tag (yes I know that it offers theoretically billions of hours playtime lol)

Sure, it will probably get some updates the next months which will make it a much bigger/better game content wise but right now I really don't see where the $60 price tag comes from. The whole game (except the soundtrack) cries for a lower price atm.

Everything which isn't automatically generated looks like an indie game you would get for less money and the automatically generated stuff looks, well, like automatically generated. 

What has Hello Games delivered?

A planet sized area where you can fly and walk as you wish. This is something I have dreamt of since Pilotwings 64 and no one else has developed it.

A solar system where you seamlessly can go from one planet to the other. This is something I have dreamt of since I first heard of NMS (it was so outlandish that I had not imagined this was possible) and no one else has developed it.

No Man's Sky is the first game to change gameing radically since Minecraft (another indie game). 

These reasons alone make it worth more than $60 for me and many others.