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Statement 1: "I would be willing to give up some of my salary if I had to, so that equal pay in my workplace could be a reality." - Already my palm finds itself dangerously close to my face as the author failed to come up with a scenario where my personal success does not matter to me. I mean, are they assuming I am not only making more in my current line of work, but would lessen that just to be certain everybody could be at the same financial disadvantage? Or are we all imaginary CEOs with highly inflated salaries for this? Not a solution, statement 1. Not a solution.

Statement 4: "I know who Bell Hooks is." - Are they a rapper? That sounds like a rapper name.

Statement 9: "Women should be allowed to apply for a job if they fulfill 60% of the job requirements." - Um. Why? Shouldn't we all be attempting to find jobs we at least 80% qualify for, if not entirely? Man or woman, if an employer isn't looking to train somebody in fundamental aspects of the job from the ground up, some weirdly misguided sense of equal gender representation won't magically make the lack of experience become insignificant. #notfeminism

Statement 12: "I believe it’s important to encourage women to negotiate."...um...do they not already? Do we not naturally negotiate whenever we want something? It isn't as if women are these inherently submissive creatures. Way to push a gender stereotype, supposedly feminist quiz.

Statement 20: "I believe it’s important to compliment a woman’s intelligence over her looks." - Por que no los dos?

Statement 24: "I know what a “Bad Feminist” is." - Oh! Oh! Anybody who takes this quiz as an even remotely serious measure of feminist belief.

It's around that halfway point where I stopped reading. I never really started participating.