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WolfpackN64 said:


But it doesn't matter if it are the same jobs or not. The matter of fact is that the wage gap still exists due to the way the job market is structured and that isn't the womens fault.

Yes, it does matter. First, you are comparing apples to oranges and then claim it doesn't matter if the wage gap statistic compares the same jobs or not. Many people believe the statistic reflects that women are paid less than men for the exact same work. The wage gap doesn't exist, otherwise men are also "victims" to this nonexistent injustice if you were to compare men in lower specialties to women in higher paying specialties. This is why the wage gap is a myth, is bogus, and can't be taken serious. Common sense: if you aren't making good money at a workplace, look for a different job that pays more. I chose not to study in order to become a heart surgeon. Sure it pays a lot, but I'm not interested in what pays the most, I'm interested in what I will enjoy doing. My career path might pay less but that's the choice I'm willing to make. I can't just demand that I be paid for ridiculous wages that equate to another person's earnings, let alone demand wages similar to a complex and difficult occupation - that's completely ridiculous. It just shows narcissism and entitlement. Everyone has the freedom to pursue whichever career they'd like to take. Also, it isn't men's fault either that certain jobs pay more than others. Three words: supply and demand.