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Metroid33slayer said:
WolfpackN64 said:

You do know that the wage gap still exists do you?

Earnings gap not wage gap, It's not the fault of men that they suceed in the higher paying professions and out earn women.. complaining that men get paid more then women is like complaining that Brain surgeons get paid more than Street cleaners and blaming it on prejudice against steet cleaners.

That's a false comparison though. The idea is equal pay for work of equal value. Why are professions dominated by men still paid more than professions that are dominated by women even when both professions are more or less the same in terms of qualification and skill?

Very few people argue that street cleaner as a career is of equal value to society as surgeon. Though one might also argue that the average person benefits more over their lifetime from street cleaners and garbage collectors (sanitation workers in general) than they do from surgeons. After all, public sanitation has done more to exend the average lifespan of people and reduce the number of days of lost productivity from illness than surgeons. Hence sanitation workers are more beneficial to society than surgeons. Ref Hitchhikers Guide on the essential utility of sanitation workers, as opposed to the continued uselessness of account executives and marketing analysts. 

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