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Bandorr said:
Those questions were just weird.
" would be willing to give up some of my salary if I had to, so that equal pay in my workplace could be a reality. "
That sounds more like "everyone gets paid the same". It ignores position and effort. A boss shouldn't get paid as much as an intern.

"I don’t think women should get VIP treatment at nightclubs and bars, just for being women. "
That's just basic business. Women bring in the men, which bring in the men etc.

I think police brutality and its correlation with race is a feminist issue.
Was that just a trick question to see if people were paying attention? How the hell could there be a correlation?

Those are just examples of awkward questions.

Open to interpretation I guess. The way I read it, and the reason I ticked it, is because feminists should be concerned about all issues of social inequality, and not just issues of gender inequality. Hence race-based police brutality is something in which feminists should take an active interest. If you interpret it as race-based police brutality is a gender issue then you would not tick the box. 

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