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Sun Jun 24, 2007 8:47PM EDT

TOKYO (Reuters) - Nintendo Co Ltd zipped past Sony Corp. in market value on Monday and became one of Japan's top 10 issues for the first time ever as it elbowed the PlayStation maker out of its decade-long dominance in the game industry.

Nintendo's Wii has outsold Sony's PlayStation 3 game console by three to one in Japan and by more than two to one in the United States so far this year, according to game magazine publisher Enterbrain and research firm NPD.

Demand for its DS handheld game players also far outstripped that for Sony's PlayStation Portable. Shares in Nintendo were up 1.9 percent at 46,300 yen in early trade, boosting its market value to 6.56 trillion yen ($53 billion), while Sony fell 0.9 percent to 6,490 yen, or 6.51 trillion yen in market capitalization.

This entire thread is bullshit. You actually WANT to believe that the Nintendo Corp. is worth more than Sony Corp. and it's subsidiaries??? Post each company's total assets, then we'll talk. Your thread title is completely misleading. If somebody can prove it, then I'll be impressed.....BTW don't forget to include Sony Music and Sony's movie division ;)





Relevant text: Nintendo shares rose as high as 46,350 yen (£187.65), a record, boosting its market value to 6.57 trillion yen and narrowly surpassing Sony's market capitalisation for a time, before settling lower. The achievement is extraordinary because, where Nintendo is a pure gaming company, Sony is a multinational entertainment and consumer electronics conglomerate whose interests run from movie studios to mobile phones.

It really isn't a matter of wanting, frankly :p

Even when Sony was dominating the market, their game's division was making less money than Nintendo was, because Nintendo continued to dominate the hand held market and because Sony took such drastic price cuts and lost so much money on the console itself. So if Nintendo was already making more money when they were marginalized and Sony dominated, imagine the disparity when that situation is reversed.

Just remember that this has little to do with the actual gaming experience of the consumers. Just because Nintendo makes more money does NOT mean that Sony cannot get great games or, for that matter, doesn't preclude them from winning the generation; again, look at last generation. All this means is that Nintendo makes more money.

 Thanks Bod, for applying a healthy dose of logic to a topic that seemed to have lost all hope lol.