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fooflexible said:
I know 4 people who own 360s and none had a problem (Including me) so I honestly don't believe this guy. Or let me correct myself. I do believe him, I just think at this point he's the problem and not the system. Could it be overheating? Even if it ain't I just seriously have a hard time believing he got 12 in a row, and it has nothing to do with him.

Remember also that "supposedly" a few were crap outta the box, hell this happened to me with 2 in-a-row brand new 2007 model Samsung HDTV's(and these damn things are $2500) but now I have a Sony ;)

I also went through 4 PS2s, but I lived and worked on the road, went to 52 different US cities for 3 years and was very(VERRRRY) rough on them.