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Soundwave said:
Turkish said:

LMAO! Under Erdogan Turkey's GDP tripled, living standards and medical care is much improved, Istanbul has now more skyscrapers than any city in Europe and high speed rail roads are second to only like France in Europe!

Hilarious you mention Saddam, the butcher who gassed children and massacred many innocent people. Yeah that guy with blood on his hands is obviously better, because "he's secular". Iraq is obviously better than Turkey right now!

Also Trump supports Erdogan, look up his thoughts after the attempted coup. There are Trump Towers in Turkey.

How long do those Trump Towers stay there as Turkey becomes more and more an Islamic state?

Secularism is a good thing, it's about time the Middle East learned that, having a bunch of religious nuts running your government leads to third world countries. 

There's a reason Westerners now are avoiding Turkey like the plague and Russians too. Instead of embracing the ideals of Western secularism they're running backwards to a mideval/dark ages ideology. 

Fact 1: Turkey has been a muslim state for over 1000 years, ain't nothing gonna change that.

Fact 2: Turkey is still more secular than all the Arab nations combined

Fact 3: You're praising a dictator who gassed thousands of innocent people, you make me sick

Fact 4: The "Islamist dictator" Erdogan tripled Turkey's GDP and brought welfare to the country, unlike the butcher you worship that brought nothing but misery and pain, even 10 years after his death Iraq is still a mess, may he burn in hell for eternity.

Who cares what you Westerners think? It's the West that turned the middle east into this mess, the British Empire came here a 100 years ago, drew some artificial borders and the region is still hurting because of it. The middle east had stability and peace for over 700 years under the Turks.