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Luke888 said:
As an outsider imho Hilary is the most likely to become president, still they are both awful candidates, I don't know anything about Sanders but I'm positive he would have been the best president among the three...

I really don't think a Hilary presidency would be bad at all, it just wouldn't be flashy. The Clinton years by and large were pretty darn good and stable. No president is perfect. 

People are confusing likable with being a good president, one doesn't neccessarily equal the other. Some of Bernie's plans were pie in the sky thinking that would've added trillions of debt. Clinton's tax plan is much more sane and balanced. 

Bernie is the most likable of the candidates and the most sincere yes, but that doesn't mean he'd do the best job in actual practice. 

Clinton is socially liberal, economically a centrist/realist, and can be a tough bulldog when need be.