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Sorry guys been away for some time, but to update thread; it seems Sonic has some big plans for the future. Whether you agree with the direction doesn't matter as this appeals to the core Sonic audience. Sega has targeted this audience moving forward and I am delighted this is their choice.

We are getting:
1: Project Sonic - Multi-platform 3D Sonic game for PS4,X1, PC, and NX!
2: Sonic Mania - Classic 2D inspired Sonic game for core fans
3: Sonic Lego Dimensions - For Lego and Sonic fans!
4: Sonic Boom season 2 - Successful TV show
5: Sonic Boom Fire and Ice - 3DS title already announced with limited quantities of packaged episodes to the show
6: Sonic 25th Anniversary memorabilia

Who could argue with that line up? Sonic getting attention and love over many gaming sites, nice to see the blue blur get spotlight once again!