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Conegamer said:
baloofarsan said:

In short no.

The long answer, nooooooooooooooooope!

But in seriousness the game uses the story as a crutch throughout much of the game and if you don't see the story you'll miss out on the experience. And as you don't want the story evidently the experience isn't for you which is fine.

I am a little worried about this "the game uses the story as a crutch". That is what I see from video clips: cutscene - short action sequence - next cutscene!

KLAMarine said:
baloofarsan said:

It would seem to me you dislike stories in games because they're not always good. The TLoU story is very good, Naughty Dog is very good at character animations and dialogue, and the opening sequence is amazing but the story is also predictable and derivative and for me, a plothole in the middle took me out when I played it years ago.

baloofarsan said:

TLoU is nothing like any of those games listed so it might not be. Still, give the game a shot. Wouldn't hurt.

I have probably seen most plot twists and story spoilers: would the story be good even if you "know" what will happen in the end (I want to cry in the end - I heard everyone does! - I am quite easy affected by sentimental movies)

BraLoD said:
Conegamer said:

Actually I think he should get it, so he can lose this bad habit of skipping stories on games, then he'll have a whole lot of new games out of thin air to catch up and play from now on just as well XP

I really was hoping my son would buy the game as it is the only game he asked about since I bought the PS4. Then I could watch when he plays it (I like to watch others play games that I do not enjoy myself)! I may have to convince him to buy it!

EDIT: 400 SEK (~$40) digital (I prefer digital) and  ~300 SEK (~$30) retail. I will make him pay - and play!