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baloofarsan said:
Bought a PS4 a month ago. TLOU is not really on my shopping list.
I looked at a few video clips of TLOU and thought that this game is not for me.
But as it is universally hailed as GOAT I am still curious if I am missing out on something?
I do NOT like cutscenes - I always skip them if possible!
I do NOT like stories in games - at best they are on a B-movie level!
Mostly like racing games, Animal Crossing (skip all dialogue), Fire Emblem (skip all dialogue) and puzzle games. I will probably like No Man's Sky. I have played most Zelda games.

Is TLOU a game for me?

In short no.

The long answer, nooooooooooooooooope!


But in seriousness the game uses the story as a crutch throughout much of the game and if you don't see the story you'll miss out on the experience. And as you don't want the story evidently the experience isn't for you which is fine.


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