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An employee at Gamestop the other day told me about that the Wii was intended to be Nintendo's last jab at stationary console gaming.

Your first problem is listening to some twit from Gamestop.

How true that is. Last time I was there the guy asked me if I wanted to pre-order StarCraft 2, which was only just announced a few weeks ago and might not be released for a couple years. But just to explore the stupidity, I figured I'd ask him if the min reqs were known yet. He said no, but that Vista would be required. And the hilarious thing is that the only thing that is known about SC2 is that it will run on Vista or XP! (see the SC2 FAQ)

Bottom line, never, ever, ever listen to a Gamestop employee. And with regards to the subject of this thread, the vast majority of Gamestop employees I've talked to have been anti-nintendo, so you can especially ignore something like this.

Hey, ass, don't put a single mask on all Gamestop employees. I work at Gamestop, and in my area, we really don't care who wins as long as we can get reservations and sell subscriptions to you.

Saying stuff like "never listen to a Gamestop employee" is so flaming ignorant that you deserve to be banned in my eyes. How dare you lump all of us together.

 Why not... most of you are 'wanks' anyway... it's a generalisation but I visit many EB stores all the time and the type of people they employ are wankers, that's just how it is.  You might be the minority.

How about we say that 90% of GS emplyoyees are idiots. That work?