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BasilZero said:
JEMC said:

Won't Steam send a message to my phone to confirm the account movements? And won't the app retrieve some data from my phone to "work" properly?

I don't want Valve in my phone, thanks. 

I got 3 of my wishlisted games:

  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
  • Castlevania Lord of Shadow
  • UnReal

All, for a bit less than 20 €.


Messages? You mean notifications or text messages? Cause I only received notifications and you can turn them of easily by going into your phone's settings.


I dont see where or when the Steam app tried to retrieve data other than having a cellular/online connection just like using a browser. Checked to make sure and dont see any access to camera, etc.


Anyways - nice collection of games!


But don't waste your time, I'm a very suspicious guy, and I use very few apps on my phone. You won't convince me to use their app.

And thanks!

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