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Slimebeast said:
JEMC said:

I'm thinking about buying GTA IV Complete as I didn't manage to play the Episodes of Liberty City and to try some mods (once I get a new GPU).

Will you really play more of that old game when there's a new and better one out?

I really loved Lords of Shadow. What an atmosphere and beautiful story.

I've only bought 3 games so far:

Downwell, about 1.5 Euro
Travels of MarcoPolo lol a point & click, maybe 2 Euro
Stardew Valley, like everyone else for about 11 Euro. But from first impression I don't like it.

I'll buy plenty more later.

Rockstar/Take2 pissed me off last summer when, instead of not including the recently launched GTA V in the sales, something perfectly acceptable and even understandable, they decided to trick buyers claiming a 20% (I think) off sale of the game when what they did was remove the option to buy the game and have a bundle of the game with some of the virtual money from GTA Online, which cost the same as the base game before the sale.

I didn't liked it, and decided to not buy GTA V until it goes below 10€, whenever that happens (I can wait).


Stardew Valley looks good, but from the few gameplay videos I've seen, it's not my time of game.

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