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JEMC said:
Conina said:

Summer Picnic Lvl 6 7, working on Lvl 7 8 ;)

So far I bought

  • €3.59 - The Last Door: Season 2
  • €3.99 - Nekopara Vol. 1
  • €1.24 - The Room
  • €4.99 - Heaven's Hope
  • €4.99 - Sakura Swim Club
  • €3.09 - HuniePop
  • €2.71 - BioShock Triple Pack*

So around €25 so far (minus ~€10 for some sold backgrounds + trading cards).

The best way to browse through the deals is via SteamDB: https://steamdb.info/sales/?merged=true&min_discount=60&min_rating=90

You can adjust the minimal discount and minimal ratings by slider, add tags (f.e. genres) and sort the result by clicking on one of the headings. You can also hide games you already own, if you log in.


* I already had BioShock 2 + Infinite on Steam, so I got a discount for BioShock 1 by chosing the Triple Pack. Now I'm set up for the free Remastered-upgrade: http://www.vgchartz.com/article/264892/owners-of-bioshock-or-bioshock-2-on-steam-get-remastered-version-free/

I'm still level 0 . But I don't use to buy-sell cards, so it's harder that way.

Currently, I've only bought two games:

  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Ultimate Edition_ 6,24€
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky_ 7,99€

I'm thinking about buying GTA IV Complete as I didn't manage to play the Episodes of Liberty City and to try some mods (once I get a new GPU).

Will you really play more of that old game when there's a new and better one out?

I really loved Lords of Shadow. What an atmosphere and beautiful story.

I've only bought 3 games so far:

Downwell, about 1.5 Euro
Travels of MarcoPolo lol a very basic point & click, maybe 2 Euro
Stardew Valley, like everyone else for about 11 Euro. But from first impression I don't like it.

I'll buy plenty more later.