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I finally finished it, total play time a bit over 25 hours, almost 4 hours standing still apparently. I really enjoyed the game up to chapter 20, then it pretty much falls apart with forced action and nonsensical turns in the story. The epilogue was cute with an amazing level of detail yet I wasn't engaged with the game anymore after that dumb qte boss fight. Plus they already did the reminiscing thing in the beginning, this time it felt closer to a commercial for the Nathan Drake collection.

Still a solid 8 over all, first 19 chapters were great. Stealth gameplay was very enjoyable (when allowed, only 120 stealth kills of 600 total) I might check out some of the render modes and replay a few chapters. But I don't really feel like replaying the whole thing just to get disappointed again by the end. I expected much more after Tlou's great ending.

Btw what happened to Nadine, did they completely forget that part?

Uncharted, rest in peace