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I dont think you should really pay attention to previous MGS sales to conclude how MGS will sell... I think MGS4 will sell a lot better then its previous titles

Ive talked to so many people, and a lot of my friends are all looking forward to MGS4, who never even played a MGS game, and who are not even into Stealth shooters... So this is a first time pickup for them

Sure they might be disapointed when they realize its a different type of game then they were hoping (In case they were expecting a 3D Shooter type game), but the one key fact is, tons of people are new to the MGS franchise because of MGS4

I woudln't say this if I didn't meet so many people like this

So yea, basing numbers off previous MGS titles will get you to believe it will sell okay, but this isn't how it is anymore