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Mar1217 said:
SonytendoAmiibo said:

Sources coming, give me a minute.






It's munchies and beer time, so.if you want more sources just Google them.

Anime and food time, see ya.

So it seems like Activision(Skylanders) and other indie developpers didn't touch NX's dev kit yet ... I'm not really surprised that some western compagnies won't be able to touch these until a long time. The NX seems to be merely focused with 3rd party from Japan as of now. 

Not surprised either.  After the Wii U, Nintendo looks like they're essentially circling the wagons for the 1st year of the NX's life by looking to themselves and select 3rd parties that they know will have their back.  They can't screw up and they probably don't want to depend on developers that let them down last gen.