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sabastian said:

1) Why does Nintendo continue to release inferior Hardware, as compared to their competition ?

2) Why are Nintendo fans Not calling out Nintendo on their past history of low end hardware ? Past 3 generations Nintendo has had absolutely ZERO interest in releasing high end hardware.


Care to explain. 

WiiU is a total failures and Nintendo has been losing money. 

Don't confuse Gameplay with Graphic. The most popular game this generation is not Uncharted or Halo, that title goes to Minecraft. Superior hardware and graphic does not produce superior software.

Nintendo was so far behing in terms of Graphic that their game were in development nightmare and took much longer then anticipated to develop (move from SD to HD graphic). Due to shortage of software, they start producing crapware like Mario party's,  MArio Tennis, Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival, Star Fox Zeo, etc or simply had huge drought between software launch. Furthermore , thier decision to go with inferior hardware cost them the support from most Third party studios. 

Nintendo is a Coorporation and has a company they make decision towards making profit. Nintendo makes profit both on hardware and software. That's why Nintendo system are underpowered. 

Wii was the most succesfull home consoles of all time. Fans loved it. 

Nintendo problem with the WiiU was software not underpowered hardware. I think you will see that with the NX, Nintendo has modernized their studios to reduce development time on HD/4K games and they will partner more and more with partners (second/third parties studios) and Licenses out some of their key IP.  

Tommy Jean, CPA, CGA