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Soundwave said:

I just don't see it. In 2004, there was a large untapped market of non-gamers that no one was making games for. Certainly there was no centralized, user-friendly place for a gamer like that to go to. 

Today casual smartphone games have larger marketing budgets than even the biggest PS4/XB1 games and even casuals spend several hours a week already playing video games.

Today there are more casual games being made than "core" games and they are like 60% of the revenue of the industry.

That is exactly how I feel. I think Nintendo would shoot themselves in the foot if they did this. Competing with Sony and Microsoft seems to be the best way to go. They need to make some deals with 3rd parties and offer the best 1st parties they can. Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks phenomenal and that game will likely send NX's off the selves alone. Sure, it's available on the Wii U. Why buy that over a new system? I think the line up we saw today is a good indication for the game. Was there actually anything bad said about the game from the people who played it?