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Azzanation said:
Baryonyx said:

If it's not a good thing, then why bother gaming? 
It's fundementally important for human health to explore new things, proven through-out 50.000 years of ancient-history. 
The reason why 7th gen sucked was the lack of new Ip's... If you don't get depressed by seing the same titles every damn year.. GOOD for you.. But don't downplay it's value for others just because you don't like new Ip's..  We don't need that shit. 

You must be new to gaming. Ever heard of Nintendo? They have been making the same games since the 80s. Im not against new IPs but i dont judge something because its not new. RE7, FF15, MKX, SF5, UC4, GOW4, GEARS4, GT7, FORZA 6, MARIO KART 8, ZELDA, DONKEY KONG etc are all fantastic franchises that dont need to be new IPs to keep gamers gaming. Dont fix whats not broken. For example Halo Wars 2 is an entirely different game to Halo 5, Forza Horizon 3 is nothing like Forza 6. Just because its from the same franchise doesnt mean its dull or boring. The reason i brought into Consoles was because of those games mentioned above. I wont continue buying consoles if they started to shelve all there amazing IPs.

Been here since 4th generation, because the two previous generation before that i wasn't old enough to get passed the first level in Sonic. 

It's your opinion, if you prefer playing the same titles with no new titles to fresh things up.. It's your choice but new titles should always be welcomed


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