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CaptainExplosion said:
Dunban67 said:

If Hillary wins she will just continue to bankrupt the country and we will eventualy run out of money for all the free stuff - at tht point all the no workking and criminals released on early parrol will start heading to Canada to enjoy the free stuff there -  sooon after the next Canadian leader will be elected by a huge majority on the promise that he will build a wall to keep all those bottom feeding Americans out of Canada-  

All it would take is  1/2 of Miami to migrate to Canada for the whole country to freek out and start building walls-

Most people in the US are ok with imigration so long as it is done legally

I m not a fan of Trump or Hillary But I ll take Trump 100 times more than Hillary Clinton-   Trump has some redeaming qualties and will proabbly leave the coutry better thn he found it- Hillary has no redeeming qualities and  will just keep lining her pockets and destryoying the country as she does it

Redeaming? What's redeaming about him? He's filed for bankruptcy numerous times, constantly spouts racism, his words have lead to an increas in bullying towards Hispanic American children http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/jun/09/california-primary-trump-rhetoric-school-bully, uses tragedies and terrorism to further his own platform, mocked a disabled reporter yet got cheered for it, and wants to ban an entire religion from the United States.

You want a sociopath like that for president? If he wins, we're all fucked.

based on this thread and your comments- 1) i m glad your canadien and not American 2) you are full of sh-t  

if you are going to say something about a presidential candidate (good or bad) at least make it truhfull  not a bunch of hyperinflated bs