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PS4 with good sales, slightly over 200,000, thanks to Uncharted 4. It seems U4 isn't that far from 1 million either, and digital will surely add up.
Xbox One did...worse than most predictions, mine included. It risked to sell less than 100,000, despite no new SKU official news affecting sales, like back in May 2014. They really need that Slim, curious to see how much it'll do though: it's a different situation compared to 2010 for MS.
Wii U going out with its usual wimp...but well, if Nintendo's expecting just 800,000 WW for the entire year, the lack of anything is expected.

I hope we get numbers / ranges for a good chunk of games, including
Bayonetta 2 LTD (ONE DAY I'LL GET IT, I SWEAR :P )
Valkyre Chronicles Remastered
Star Fox Zero
Bravely Second
Doom/Overwatch/Battleborn sales across the different SKUs (I want to make comparisons with Steam sales, when possible :P)
Pokken Tournament
Ratchet & Clank / Quatum Theory's second month

Probably asked a lot,but we should get stuff about some of the games I listed for sure.