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binary solo said:

I know that generations aren't necessarily determined by power, but seriously, if it's true that NX has about the power level of Xb one how can it be called gen 9? Surely NX is gen 8.2, especially if Neo and Scorpio are actual power upgrades but still called PS4 and Xb one NX must still be regarded as fitting into the 8th gen.

I had a thread on this a while back, but in my opinion, if the NX ends up spending its best years competing directly with the PS4 & XBO and doesn't square off against the PS5 and Xbox 4 until well past its peak, it should be considered an 8th-gen system. But some people are intent on using a simplistic "NES=3rd gen, SNES=4th gen, ... Wii U=8th gen, therefore NX=9th gen" approach. But this isn't the first time a company released two systems in the same generation (Atari released the 2600, but then released the more powerful 5200 to compete more directly spec-wise with the Intellivision and Colecovision, which outclassed the 2600 in terms of power). I think generations should be defined primarily as a cohort of systems that spend their prime years competing directly with each other.