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Hello! I remember you! I'm the same person, just a lot more cynical and reserved since I was burned so badly by NeoGAF moderation when I finally got NPD to help out. I don't really participate in forums anymore because of what happened but I still like to help out with numbers.

What's cool about right now is NPD is actually sanctioning this data. Remember NPD George / NDP Mulcair on GAF? That was my friend and he was actually from NPD! Even though he got unceremoniously and unfairly banned by GAF mods, he's still open to the idea of sharing data...so we don't have to worry about leak nonsense when we can get some real data like back in 2007-2010. It's pretty cool.

I have limits on what I'm allowed to share, and obviously I'm not going to go past those limits because I don't want to get in trouble (like back when NPD had their old, shitty management who used to harass me nonstop). I'll share a bunch of software numbers tomorrow morning (it's 2 AM here in Manhattan).

I'm so happy you're back! Though I'm still a little apprehensive that the Aqua advertised here, is the same as the one on GAF. Could you maybe enlighten me about what we used to talk about when we messaged each other back in the day ;) If it's truly you, once again I'm really happy and would love to catch-up.