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KylieDog said:
The Fury said:

The irony is that many are voting thinking about immigration and the freedom of movement act, yet if we leave we need to draw up an agreement with the EU for trade and with that may come them saying 'agree to the freedom of movement act' (like Norway does), making the immigration part completely pointless.

Won't happen, that is Remain groups trying to make Leave look pointless, but is bullshit like most claims.

If Leave wins it would be political suicide to then go against the will and decision of the people and effectively null one of the major points of the referendum.  Nobody would do it as it is basically ignoring democracy..

That's not the question of the referendum though, is it? 

Problem is, the Leave side don't actually have a coherent plan in place so we're left guessing what would happen. They've said we'd have a deal like Switzerland or Norway in the past yet both of those countries have had to accept free movement of people in order to maintain trade relations. The Swiss system is actually worse because they signed up to Schengen. Even the points system they're now pushing doesn't actually have any substance when you look at it in detail and doesn't then tackle the trade and economic issues that would then arise. 

Even the SNP had a plan for the Scottish referendum. I just don't understand how people can accept this level incoherence and poor planning when the Leave politicians have been pushing this for years.