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Veknoid_Outcast said:
Teeqoz said:
Fuck Activision.


First, Spyro was relegated to a supporting character in a pay-to-win toys-to-life empire. Then Donkey Kong and Bowser were wedged in. And now Crash? It just never ends. 

If this rumor is true, of course :P

If this rumour is true, then fuck Sony as well. It's so unbelieveably stupid, the way they've been teasing Crash. It wouldn't even be so bad if they were just teasing it, but in reality nothing happened, but this? It makes no sense. The people that care about Crash don't care about Skylanders. Why on earth would they do this? This is way, way, way worse than Nuts'n Bolts, the Conker DLC for Project Spark and Federation Force combined. Dammit. Why can't they do the frikkin obvious. Ratchet & Clank just released to record sales for the franchise. That should be proof that there is a market for these games. But nooooooo.


This genuinely pisses me off. This doesn't happen often from video games news.