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I understand you. And i wish you great times with ps4neo,  if that is the case.

But let me ask you something?

Six months ago do you were thinking in buying a new console? in this case a new ps4??

If you only play on xbox one or wii u, probably. For the reasons you want.

But if you were a ps4 owner??

Obviously the answer is No. PS4 is kicking ass.

And, We were thinking in new ORIGINAL 1st 2nd 3rd party games.

ORIGINAL GAMES made with full resources (economic, human, quality/proces) from companies.

And maybe even the Neo version of games, will get some lateral damage trying to get inclusive with oldps4 games version.

With this new console early adopters (LOYAL FANS, BRAND SUPPORTERS) will get the finger from sony.


I hope not for a trade in scenario, but for one where you only need an aditional accesory some kind of  expansion pack like N64.