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wolflink said:

I am mad.
If this neo-bastard was lauched alongside the ps4 the same day back two years ago, that would be an acceptable move, because that way it would be like buying a 2014 car. There are some differences and consumers get the one who better adapts to their needness. Starting from basic model with engine and tires, to the premium model wich includes a great fullcolor screen.

But, What is hapening with the neo and the scorpio ( if those even exist) is just an absurd move and you people does not realize that all this rumours and stuff is just sony working togheter with journalism to minimize the negative impact and to manipulate us.

Journalist A: Developer says a new ps4 is in development.
Consumers: Fuck you sony, we are in the middle of the generation.
Journalist B: But sony says it will support 4k and does not replace "old ps4".
Consumers: Fuck you sony, not everyone has a 4k Tv.
Journalist C: But the Hat is new.
Consumers: OOOOO the hat is new boing boing boing

So my fucking 400 dlls ps4 is already old after only 2 years.
And with so few original games compared with past generations.

This has been the 2 years with more remakes in the history of gaming.
And is gettin ridiculous with those batman (only 2 games) remake and cod4 (better textures) and only if you buy this new shit.

I blame you gamers of the world who run at the store and pay great amounts of money for games that you already have, and guees what??? those games are getting dust on your shelfs.

I will feel betrayed and NEVER NEVER in future generations will buy a console in the initial years.

They are harming their own industry.

I give you another example.
I have not buyed Uncharted 4 despite is one of my favorite series.
Why? Because in one year I KNOW there will be an Edition with extra content with extra dlc and cheaper. And it seems that there will be a 4k VR edition too.


I know people can do with their money whtever they want.

But for God´s sake use the brain...... youre not buying a car youre buying a videogame console.

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Bit of an overreaction, no!?

PS4 is still a great console and will run all the games the Neo does. It is just that the die-shrink that was supposed to be ready for PS4 was delayed and instead they skipped that die-shrink to go straight to 14nm just recently. 

This means the tech was too pricy to put in a console back at the end of 2013. What Sony is doing here is offering the console that they wanted to deliver in 2013 but could not. They had to launch a console at that time due to MS launching the XBO. 

Your PS4 will still do all the things it would have done before a neo came out and play the games the way it would have anyway. If you want to trade in your PS4 and get a Neo, then that option is going to be there. It is more choice, options for people to take....nothing is being forced.

I will be there day 1 cause I want to be there to experience it.