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I'm excited to hear what Sony pitches the idea as. Guessing they're going to say that they are extending the life cycle of PS4.

I'm also excited to hear specs. Will it be the base TFlops of 4.19? Or will advances in GCN 4.0 put it closer to 4.6 TFlops? Or will Sony clock it above the base 911 Mhz and get to 5 TFlops? I've heard from Osiris black they are considering going higher.

As someone who just bought a 4k tv I believe 4k resolution is not an option for a 2016/2017 system as you need higher quality assets (LOD's) before higher res helps. 1080p or 1440p (with upres) would be a better fit.

"These are the highest quality pixels that anybody has seen"