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160rmf said:

Oh god! Can you all please be less obvious? I get it, You don't want to try this game, you hope this game fails to send a stupid message, because you don't like motion controls.

Is there any actual Star Fox fan here? Or it is just the motion control hating band wagon?

Fuck it, I'm out

I fucking loved the original Star Fox.  I played through that game a hundred times back on the SNES.  Star Fox will always be one of my favorite series.

That being said . . . what I played at E3 last year wasn't impressive graphically, and the controls were just okay.  However, when it got to the part where I had to fly while watching the tv and aim while watching the tablet, it became a complete clusterfuck.  I haven't played anything beyond that one demo level, but what I saw made the game look like a giant bomb waiting to happen.

I love Star Fox, and I would love to see another great game emerge from the series, but this wasn't it.  Fans can both love and hate the work of the franchises they adore.  If we just say everything that we're given is gold, then how are the developers going to learn what does and doesn't work for their audience?