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I'm not British, I'm Belgian, so I'm not going to vote in the poll. I do have some things to say however.

I think the EU has been a project that really brought peace and prosperity to the European continent. However, it's latest economical medicine (austerity) has been poison, there's a complete lack in coordination for the refugee crisis, and the EU has been involved in a multitude of disastrous interventions with the NATO.

I was a firm believer of the EU project and thought the Union could be reformed from within. I'm having my doubts now.

On the other hand, I think some of the conservatives want out for all the wrong reasons. If you you want out of the EU, do it to get out of the NATO, out of austerity and out of a deadlocked institution. Don't get out for changing the human rights agreement within the EU, don't get out "just to balance the books" and fall victim to another round of Tory austerity and certainly don't get out just to chum up to the United States.

Those are my two (euro)cents.