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Gballzack said:

An employee at Gamestop the other day told me about that the Wii was intended to be Nintendo's last jab at stationary console gaming. Their alleged logic lies in the fact that the Wii was a cheap revisting of the Gamecube not wanting to invest in new expensive graphics development. He furthered the point by explaining how the Virtual Console was suppossed to be part of wrapping up Nintendo's legacy in one console, a full circle of gaming as a final farewell of sorts. While this poses interesting food for thought its credibility is dubious at best.

What do you think? Could the Wii have been Nintendo's last intended stationary console? Will it be Nintendo's last console? What if advances in Bluetooth and Wi-fi lead to a handheld successor which can double as a TV console being the successor to both handhelds and stationary consoles? Crazy I know, but it was thought I felt was worth bouncing off the heads here.

Owyeah... And when a Gamestop employee tells stuff that HAS to be true, doesn't it?!