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onionberry said:
Sprash said:

I really hope you skip this bullshit next time you make a comparison thread about something, I mean implying that uncharted fans are fanboys who hate and attack everyone that like or think a other game is better than uncharted, isn't a great way to start a thread.

and if there is one "fanboy" who attacks you out of I don't know how many just report him.

If i say it's because i have experience on forums and i have reasons, so if that "bulshit" doesnt apply to you you dont have to worry about it.

you have bad experience on forums that's why you have to include it here and start a thread where you imply that uncharted fans are fanboys and hater? makes sense, that's why I don't even start a conversation with xbox fans here because I know wow bad they can be from crapgamer :(