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I snapped badly on Lucy O'Brien for her review which I perceived to be biased at the time, she spent a great deal of her ROTR review praising Lara as a character, half of the conclusion was about her and the "breakdown box" first point was "great hero".....

I guess I over-analysed and didn't take a step back and say....oh right, she might be more relatable to her, Drake is full of bravado and quite fun-loving but might feel a bit detached because of it but Lara might have qualities that are far more appealing if you worry about narrative-dissonance.

I personally like the way UC4 has more slow paced bits, more story driven pieces, I think it pushes video gaming in a more mature direction... why do our games have to be wall to wall shooting? We have to appreciate that gaming can and must be more than violent fantasy.

......now back to Iron Banner and shooting people in the head! :P

P.S. I am really looking forward to Horizon and think Aloy will be a kick-ass protagonist.