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Mike_L said:
onionberry said:

lol what, no, i own a good amount of sony products, i'm not a sony fan so maybe that's why i can say stuff. Actually, MS is guilty, the first xbox was my favorite non-Nintendo console ever but now it's all a dissapointment. 

No it's all good. Xbox 360 is my favorite MS console (and 1 of my favs in general).

Currently I'm just trying to question why we're hating so much. But you're off the hook :p


Not only Ninty and MS fans. The last one I called out was Aerys: 

"Congrats Remedy and Microsoft. It's a great game.
To the downplayer. OP only says "doing well" and "being successful" which it is. It is #1 and it is dominating the charts.
Granted, we don't know the actual sales numbers yet but that just makes it even worse to claim that it "flopped"."

i hate stuff, can't help it.